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Gold Coast Regional Beekeepers Inc

GCRB (Gold Coast Regional Beekeepers) was formed to promote beekeeping in the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. “Bees are what we are all about”.

Whether you keep bees for your own fresh supply of honey, for the pollination of our gardens and natural open spaces or because you realise the importance of bees for the pollination of so many of the essential crops that form the human food chain, it’s crucial to ensure that we work in harmony with the bees.

As a club it’s our role to ensure good practices are taught and adhered to in all facets of the Beekeeping industry. This will allow us to successfully contribute and play our small part in this amazing cycle of nature.

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Sat 17 Apr 21

08:30am – Hive Inspection

10:30am – Preparing Honey for Showing

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