The GCRB Resources Hub provides links for members to more than 450 online beekeeping training programmes, videos, fact sheets, blogs, websites etc.  The sections within the hub include:

Training Resources:  Links to more than 240 of the best online training resources available for the recreational beekeeper.

Bee Pests & Diseases:  A collection of more than 210 online training resources on all bee pests and diseases for the recreational beekeeper.

Bee Friendly Flora: A compilation of details on many bee-friendly flora many of which are endemic to the Gold Coast, as well as links to bee-friendly flora websites.

AFB Register: A community register of all known AFB infections around Australia since 2019.  The register includes registers for individual states, an estimated cost of the AFB infections on the register, and a link to a map of Australia showing where individual AFB infections have occurred.

Here is the link to the Resources and Information Hub: Resources and Information Hub