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The Gold Coast Regional Beekeepers Inc. hold their monthly club day meetings at the Vietnam Veterans’ Complex, 18 Leagues Club Drive, NERANG, on the 3rd Saturday each month, starting at 8:30am with inspections of the club Hives.

This is the best way for new beekeepers to become familiar with bees and learn from experienced beekeepers how to handle hives and identify what is happening in the hives.

This is a hands on experience where you can ask any questions you have about hives and gain practical experience handling bees.

Attendees must wear a bee suit, or veil with clothing such as jeans / a thick long sleeved shirt / thick cotton socks and closed in shoes. Due to biosecurity requirements attendees must only use Club provided gloves and hive equipment; however, the club has a limited number of bee veils available for use on meeting days for those who do not have their own.

The Gold Coast Regional Beekeepers Inc. (GCRB) is affiliated with the Amateur Beekeepers Association (NSW) (ABA). 

Membership  to GCRB is available online at: 

 > Select club as > 2021 GCRB Membership AUD 10.00

you must also join the ABA  at a fee of $20.00

 (Total joining fee $30.00pa)

Affiliation with the ABA provides many additional benefits to our members, including optional low cost personal beekeeping insurance for members, and significantly reduced  club insurance costs.

Please contact me if you require further information relating to membership.